Brics: One Scoop or Two?!

May 9, 2018

I love ice cream! I'm the person that will get a cone in the middle of winter while it's snowing out. I can eat it all the time all year round. 

 I've always had a pretty bad sweet tooth, and ice cream has always been my go to sweet treat! 


Self Care is something I talk about a lot s0 I decided to  share some of the places I go to unwind. 


Which brings me to Brics! Nestled in Broad Ripple right off the Monon, Brics is a super cute local ice cream shop. 


 They have some of the most AMAZING flavors to choose from and the staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. I love to grab a couple of scoops of my fave flavor and take a seat outside, weather permitting or inside where it is super cozy. 

The shop has a modern look, but old school vibes which I adore. They serve all of their ice cream in a glass parfait dish with real metal plastic for them. 


I was so happy that my first giveaway was paired with this awesome establishment.  I look forward to spending a nice amount of time here this summer. 


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Indianapolis, IN, USA