Night out with the Indy Blog Society at NOOK, A Paleo Influenced Diner

May 16, 2018

Last night myself along with some fellow Indy Bloggers  went to Nook downtown and were spoiled with all the yummy foods. 



Nook is a paleo inspired diner with a fantastic menu. I'm sure there is something that everyone in your party will like. 


For starters, their guacamole is served with paleo pizza crust bites and bacon..yes bacon! That alone is a selling point for me. Let's just say this was one of my favorite things we tried. 

 The Nook team treated us so great and brought out dish after dish after dish. Their booths are super comfortable and I have to think it's because you'll want a mini nap after eating so well. 


Take a look at just a few of the dishes we got to try.


Paleo Angry Shrimp…

Moroccan Lamb Pizza…


I'm not a huge brussel sprout fan, but these were so good. Anything that has a spicy kick is usually a plus for me.  The Brussel Sprouts include Shishito Peppers, Bacon, and smokey Paprika Aioli. 


Curry Chicken With Cauliflower Rice…


 When I say the food kept coming it really kept coming. I didn't think I had enough room to try anything else. Let's be serious though I made room. 


Primal Pizza… This was my favorite dish of the night. Chicken, bacon, pineapple, proscittuo what else could you ask for? I definitely had more than one slice. 

Angry Shrimp Taco


 Last but not least dessert which we ALL know is my favorite. If we want to be even more specific chocolate is my weakness. 


 Are you hungry now from all of these pics? Well, you should be and you should make your way to Nook in the near future. It is located at 15 E Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204. 


I didn't take any picture of the actual restaurant but I love the way it is decorated. It looks upscale but definitely has comfy vibes which are always a plus. 


As always I had a great time with the Indy Blog Society ladies!



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