Living By Faith

June 6, 2018


Hi Friends! 


I love writing and blogging about things that are near and dear to my heart. I always feel a sense of relief and fulfillment when I share personal posts with you.


My faith and relationship with God isn't something I blog about a lot, but it is definitely a part of my life. 


While I believe in God and have a relationship with him I can admit that at times walking by faith and not by sight is a real struggle for me; but it is something I continue to work on. I was at small group last night and was almost embarrassed and scared to admit that. 

There are some areas in life that I have been praying about for years and have questioned whether or not God forgot about me or if he's tried giving me the answers and I've ignored them. Luckily, I was among some amazingly faith-filled ladies who reminded me that every single day God has our backs and not to forget the "small" things.


For example, I told the ladies that for awhile I have been questioning how and why I am working in Aging Research. It wasn't on my radar or my interest topic during grad school. I have grown to love this area of research and health and on top of it have been able to be a resource to family and friends. Since I have been in my role I have learned about so many people I know caring for a  loved one with dementia and I can now offer support, recommend resources and make connections. It is truly a blessing to be able to do that.


On my way to work each morning I listen to mostly gospel and contemporary Christian music. I use that time in my car to pray and just spend some time with God. Well this morning,, my car ride was one for the books. 


One of my favorite gospel songs is "Now Behold the Lamb" and I played it this morning. One section of the songs goes as follows:

"Holy is the Lamb
The Precious Lamb of God
Why You love me so, Lord
I shall never know
The Precious Lamb of God

Now behold the Lamb
The Precious Lamb of God
Born into sin that I may live again
He's the precious Lamb of God

When I always didn't do right
I went left, He told me to go right
But I'm standing right here
In the midst of my tears, Lord
I thank You to be the Lamb of God"


I started to think about EVERYTHING I've been through and done in life and honestly my life could be completely different right now. I know that the reason I am where I am is  because of Gods love and grace and it overwhelmed me. I usually get a little choked up with gospel music, especially if I have a lot going on; but I was in full tears this morning thinking of how good God has been to me. I'm a little teary-eyed typing this to be honest. 


The fact that I admitted that last night and had that experience this morning goes to show God knows how to connect with me I just have to be still, listen and feel it. 


One of my biggest prayers last year was for a group of friends to help me on my faith journey and to grow with in that regard and God delivered some of the most amazing women into my life when I needed them most. 


I couldn't go on today without taking a minute to acknowledge the love and favor God has had over my life from day 1. Like the song says "Why you love me so, Lord I shall never know" but I won't question it. 


I'm filled with a new sense of peace I haven't felt in awhile and it feels great. 


What are some ways God has spoken to you? I would love to hear your stories. 




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