Hair Love_Twists and Turns to a New Look

November 3, 2019

Happy Sunday!


Can you believe it’s already November? We’re just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, and Christmas is right around the corner. This year has absolutely flown by!


I want to start out by saying that 2019 has been one of my best years in a long time. I’ve made happiness a main priority over the last few years and this year it just manifested.


Looking back, it’s kind of interesting that my hair was big component on the road to happiness. If you recall an older post of mine about going natural, I talked about that transition and why I decided to stop relaxing my hair.


Our hair holds a lot of power. It can dictate how we feel about ourselves, and it contributes to how others see us, and sometimes treat us.


For many years I thought that straightened was the best and it was all I wanted done. There are a lot of societal standards that value straight hair over other styles.


I struggled going natural, and don’t even get me started on my first natural style. I attempted a twist-out and it actually came out great for my first one. However, I was so anxious to leave my house and remember sitting around for hours until I decided to just go. I didn’t go far though. Then, I decided to wear a natural style to work and then the comments of “oh your hair is sassy” or “hmm that’s different came.”


The microaggressions were real, but so were the supportive comments. I chose to focus my energy on the uplifting comments that allowed me to appreciate MY hair in a natural state.


There is a lot of pressure on women in general to always look presentable, but then the pressure for black women is an extra level of nonsense. In 2019, 2019 y’all, laws had to be passed so companies did not discriminate again natural hair. New York and California were the first states to pass such laws. You can read more about that here.

I am glad that I work for an organization that to my knowledge, embraces us and the different hairstyles we can wear.

I still love to wear my hair straight, and even though it is natural I can accomplish cute straight styles. My hair has been so healthy since the transition and I love the versatility I have with it now. 



Let’s fast forward to my latest hairstyle that I absolutely love! I have been wanting to try braids or twists for so long but for some of the reasons above never did. I got to a point where I thought “you really do only live once and what’s the point of not filling that time with things and experiences that will make you happy.” I was having a conversation about my hair and how it’s so annoying and a struggle and I really think it’s time to just do the braids and see how I feel.


I made an appointment that day and didn’t look back! I scheduled it about 3 weeks out so I could mentally prepare the look and how different it would be for me. The day of my appointment I was super excited but also really anxious about it. My stylist was a sweet and she could possibly be and made me feel very comfortable about the whole process.


Let me just say, I love everything about my twists. I told a dear friend of mine prior to the appointment “I’m gonna feel so black with these and I can’t wait.” I’ve been flipping these bad boys around and I am living for it.


On my road to happiness, embracing who I am as a black female has been one of the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I constantly hear “you look happy” and it’s the best compliment I could get.











Here’s to embracing who you are, new experiences, and going after the things you want!










































































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