My Top 10 Social Distancing TV Shows

April 17, 2020


*I have not watched all of these during quarantine time*


What an interesting time we're in! We could have never planned for any of this, but day by day I believe people are finding a rhythm. 


When I scroll through social media there seems to be common themes. People talking about their quarantine snacks. All of the zoom meetings taking place, the at home workouts and of course TV.


As if we weren't a bunch of binge watching people before, our quarantine status has been a great time for watching or for some re-watching great television. I love watching tv so I have been taking full advantage of this time. Here are 10 shows I recommend watching while we are social distancing. 


1. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

Kerry Washington AND Reese Witherspoon sharing the screen?! What more do I need to say? This show is based off of the book authored by Celeste NG. Hulu releases a new episode each Wednesday, and y'all I am hooked. I watched the first three episodes in one night and anxiously await Wednesday each week. The show tackles friendship, grief, parenthood, classism, racism, and so much more. The cast is wonderful and even better, all of the executive producers are women. The show is suspenseful, heartfelt and leaves you wanting more. 



2. Good Girls (NBC, Hulu, Netflix)

I started this show last year and binged seasons one and two. The NBC show airs on Sunday and by Monday a new episode is ready for you on Hulu. Another great cast and excellent writing. This show has had me on the edge of my seat, but has also made me laugh extremely hard. It is a dark twisted show that has you rooting for the bad guy at times while wanting the best for the "good girls." You can catch seasons one and two on Netflix of Hulu.


3. Parenthood (Hulu)

I love this show so much and decided to start it from the beginning like I have never seen it. No matter how many times I watch it, I fall in love with the Braverman crew all over again. This show is all about family and how no two families are the same. Even within our own families. This show tackles single parenthood, the working wife with a stay at home dad, finding out about a kid later in life, and more. Each episode will leave you in tears whether they are from happiness or heartbreak. I'm not sure what it is with NBC writers but man do they know how to get the tears flowing. 


4. Big Little Lies (HBO)

I just finished season two and it was better than I imagined. The Monterey 5 outdid themselves this season. The show is based off of the book by author Liane Moriarty and it is wonderful. We're talking Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Meryl Streep(season 2). Living very different lives in California, these 5 women come together in a twisted way and you'll be waiting for more. This show is suspenseful as well but also touches on topics such as domestic abuse, women + friendship, identity, marriage, etc. The list really goes on. HBO is offering free streaming for certain series and movies right now and this show is one you can watch for free. 


5. Law & Order: SVU (Hulu)

Let me start by saying, you can't tell me I'm not Lieutenant Olive Benson after I've watched at least two episodes in a row. This show is in it's 21st season,and I started binge watching it about 4 years ago. Lets just say I'm a little obsessed. I love trying to figure out who did what and I can watch it for hours. Not only is the show disturbingly entertaining, but it is educational. Since watching this show I have found myself becoming a lot more aware of my surroundings. Many of the shows story lines come from actual news stories, which highlights what a crazy, scary world we live in. I will say that the show can be very heavy so I do have to limit how much I take in at times. 


6. All American (Netflix)

I just started this show a few days ago and I'm already on season 2. It's easy to say that I am hooked on this series. I was happy to see that it has been renewed for a third season airing later this year. Not many things make me miss high school, but this show makes me miss Friday night football games. The series tackles classism, elitism, racism,  violence and much more. One of the things I love most about this show is it's ability to bring two completely different worlds together. 


7. On My Block (Netflix)

This show is such a hidden gem and I really wish Netflix would do more to promote it. The cast is amazing and every season leaves you wanting more. The story follows a group of high school friends through South Central LA. This show has its dramatic moments, but also cracks me up on so many occasions. I'm excited to watch these young actors develop and take over even more roles. 


8. Dollface (Hulu)

This show is so odd but oh so entertaining. There's a cat lady, some singing, and hilarious one liners. I watched the whole season in one weekend. This show tackles female friendships, relationships, loneliness, and needing to belong. I really like this show because part of the plot is staying true to yourself. In a world where social media dominates everything, it can be easy to get caught in the comparison trap. 


9. Charmed (The Reboot)

Y'all I LOVED Charmed when I was younger. I would watch the show faithfully each week and read the books. A colleague of mine recommended it and I'm so glad she did. One of the best things about the reboot to me is that the "charmed" ones are three women of color. It's not everyday we see women of color in fantasy drama roles. I love the modern day spin on the show too. One of the sister is major feminist, one is a scientist, and the other has the best fashion sense. There are some similarities to the original, but I love their newer take on it all. 


10. 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (TLC)

Okay! This one makes the list because it is so entertaining, trashy tv. We watch it every Sunday night and it has us cracking up each week. Watching these couples interact makes me so happy and it's a show I never knew I needed. One half of the couple lives in the US and the other lives in a different country. It all just makes for great tv and I'm almost ashamed to admit that I enjoy it so much. 


I would love to hear what shows you have been watching! Share in the comments! 



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